At Chilwell Road Methodist Church we are very concerned that our building and facilities should be accessible to everyone and we have modernised our buildings to make them as welcoming and easy to use as possible.  Jesus went out of his way to encounter and include people with impairments and disabilities, because he recognised the value in every person.

Our Welcoming Stewards at the entrance to the church will be only too pleased to help you in whatever way they can. Please do let them know if you need any assistance.

If you have trouble walking or moving about we hope this will help:

• Wheelchair ramp access to both the church and the meeting rooms.
• Wide corridors, aisles and doorways for you to go through in a wheelchair.
• Space right outside the church doors for a car to stop.
• Provision of accessible toilets, both near the church itself and the meeting rooms.
• Reserved seating for wheelchair users and people accompanying them.
• Secure space to park a mobility buggy.
• A wheelchair available for use in the church.

If you have trouble hearing, we hope the following will help:

• Our high quality amplification system.
• An induction loop in the church and some of the meeting rooms.
• A well-lit pulpit area to help you lip-read.
• Reserved space at the front for those who wish to lip-read.
• Printed orders of service (sometimes!)

If you have trouble seeing, we hope the following will help:

• Large print hymn books and service books for you to use.
• Large print formats for orders of service and church notices.
• Well-marked steps and stairs.