Tram works

The ‘NET’ tram system in Nottingham is currently being extended to Beeston and beyond. 

Chilwell Road, Beeston and High Road, Chilwell are now open to through traffic in both directions. It is now possible to drive from Chilwell along the High Road into Chilwell Road, Beeston.

There is still no access to Devonshire Avenue from Chilwell Road.

The bus stops are in place and buses are now running along the road again. From Beeston centre there is still a bus stop outside church. From Chilwell the nearest stop is near to the junction with Imperial Road.

The recent news from the council can be found here.

Please click Beeston Traffic Management  for the current details from NET (April 2013).

Directions for Chilwell Road Methodist church are below.


AtoZ Map Beeston (Dec 20-12-14)

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