Tram works

The ‘NET’ tram system in Nottingham is currently being extended to Beeston and beyond. 

This will have some effect on our road access and car parking.

While Chilwell Road looks closed or shut our church should always be accessible by car during the tram works, though at times you may only be able to approach from one route. There may be times when necessary work will block or limit access to the church, but when this is known to happen advance warning will be given.

The recent news from the council can be found here.

Please click Beeston Traffic Management  for the current details from NET (April 2013).

Directions for Chilwell Road Methodist church are below.

latest update, December 2014: Chilwell Road is now open as a through route to Chilwell in a westerly direction. Access from Devonshire Avenue to Chilwell Road is closed until December 19th.

AtoZ Map Beeston (Dec 14)

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