House groups

PM Fellowship

We meet on alternate Monday afternoons for Bible study and the discussion of various topics related to the Christian faith.  All are welcome.

Contact: Monica Sanders on 0115 972 7254.

Tuesday Group

This group, which arose from our Time to Talk of God meetings, talks honestly, deeply and challengingly about our faith and we support each other in friendship and fellowship.  Several of our nine members are new to Chilwell Road.  We generally hold fortnightly meetings in a series of five, and topics so far have included Looking at Other Faiths, The Hard Sayings of Jesus and Looking at Jesus in Contemporary Art. We have enjoyed an Alter-Nativity Advent meal and trips to the pantomime together.

Contact Glenda Taylor at or Alison Rowe or tel: 0115 925 0385.

Wednesday Morning Group

We meet on the first Wednesday morning of each month in various homes. Our programme has included a discussion on Methodist belief and practice, Bible studies, a look at contemporary Christian art, a series on the relationship between Christianity and other faiths, and a series on Christian discipleship against the background of climate change. All are welcome. We are a friendly group of 15-20 people.

Contact: Rev Colin Barrett on 0115 808 9744 or

Friday Group

The Friday Group meets fortnightly during the year. From September to April the meetings involve Bible studies and discussions on a variety of subjects. From May to July there are recreational and cultural activities.

Contact: Colin Firbank; tel: 0115 925 6632 email: