Bible Readings on-line

The following guide and links are intended to be used to allow readings for services to be prepared in a relevant format.  Read them through first before trying to execute them.

1     Open your chosen text editor program, such as MS Word.

2    Access the online copy of Today’s New International Version at the Biblica website.

3    Make sure the version is the correct one in the drop down box at the top of the web page.

If the box doesn’t say “Today’s New International Version” then click on the down arrow at the side of the box and select the correct version from the list of available versions.

4    Scroll down the page to find the book and chapter you need and then click on the blue chapter number to access the whole chapter.

5    Click on and highlight the verses you want to read in the same way you would in any text document.

6    Either press CTRL and C or right click and choose copy to copy the text to the computer’s memory.

7    Now paste the text into your chosen document by pressing CTRL and V or whatever is appropriate for your chosen editor program.

If the passage you require bridges across the start and finish of consecutive chapters you will need to repeat steps 4-7 for each section required.

Now you can change the fonts and size of the text to suit your readers, and print the required number of copies.  The online version does not have page numbers so these may need adding

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