Music Reflection

This more reflective section gives you opportunity to think about your own responses and opinions, based on a set of questions, statements and phrases, which are designed to stimulate ideas and comments on our “vision” for music at Chilwell Road Methodist Church. See “Music at Chilwell Road Methodist Church – a review” for a review, including a summary of responses.

Music in worship; music as worship; coming to know God through music.

Music with and for children and young people – fun, learning and inspiration.

Music and the community – using our talents, premises and resources in the service of our neighbours.

Music doesn’t have to be sacred.

Guitars, worship band and other instruments – variety is the spice of life.

Making the most of the talents in our church – individuals and groups, of all ages and levels of proficiency appropriately heard to the glory of God.

Singing – for me, for others, for God.

The organ – our biggest musical asset?

Music as “glue” – outreach and ecumenism through harmony.

What role music? Aid to prayer and meditation; “spirit lifter” and calming balm; wallpaper and star of the show?

Hymns, worship songs, Taizé; old favourites, new inspirations; poetry and scripture painted by music.

New ideas, taking risks, learning from others; holding on to quality; discarding mediocrity.

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