Bible Study

Open Bible

The Life We Share

Led by Rev. Colin Barrett

A Beeston and Chilwell Methodist churches event at

Chilwell Road Methodist Church

Monday evenings, weekly, from 7th October – 11th November

7.30pm – 9.00pm

(tea and coffee will be available from 7.00-7.30pm)

Gain a deeper understanding of Christian faith and witness within a religiously diverse society.

The Bible passages we will study point to new ways of being Christian.

Themes will include: creation, loving, suffering, hospitality, community and dying.

The sessions are self standing, so please come to as many, or as few, as you can!

Preparation: Please try to read Genesis 1.1-2.4 or Genesis 2.5-3.24 before the first session.

God, creator of this world, one yet divided,forgive us that we allow divisions between ourselves and people of other faiths and so add to instability in the world.Teach us that it is the responsibility of us all to reach out with the hands of friendship and build safer communities. Help us, God of all, to work for peace. Amen

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