Beeston Methodist Church

31st August 2014 marked the end of Chilwell Road Methodist Church, as it started 1st September as part of the new Beeston Methodist Church.

Beeston Methodist Church was once a group of local Methodist churches consisting of Chilwell Road, Wollaton Road, Queens Road and Clarkes Lane. As of 1st September 2014, the churches joined into one, calling ourselves Beeston Methodist Church. We currently worship separately in our existing buildings for most Sundays, joining together for a joint Beeston Methodist Church service about once a month. The church has one church council.

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One of the tricky things about joining together is the wording. “Beeston Methodist Church” covers all of the people, but there is no one building. We are Beeston Methodist Church at Chilwell Road and we are referred to as a site or a campus, as are Wollaton Road and Queens Road.

We are continually building on bringing the sites closer together in what we do and are in the process of getting one place to worship, although this may not happen for several years.

Reflecting our commitment to work together, we had developed a logo consisting of five fishes around a cross, one for each of our churches, “coming together as one to serve God in our community”. We have used this in a banner to summarise our vision:However, now as one church we are looking to redesign our logo.

BMC Publications

For more information, see the letter sent to church members in March 2011 outlining the way forward. Church councils have recently been discussing the proposal to form 1 joint church council. There was a BCM letter to members (May 2013) followed byA FAQ (June 2013).