Curly and Wurly

Who are Curly and Wurly?

“We are.”

Curly & Wurly Welcome.


I wish to extend my welcome to you, as the Junior church did to me and Wurly.

Heather found me (Curly) in 2006 wondering around like a lost sheep and invited me to come down to Junior church, and I haven’t looked back since. I then brought my brother Wurly along with me to share in the fun.

Everyone has been so welcoming, and have even invited us on their holidays: sometimes both of us go, but if there are 2 holidays at the same time we split up. But we still have an absolutely fantasticulydabydolicious time, with whoever take us. We’ve got a write up of our adventures for anyone to look at and share in the fun we had. It’s fantastic going on so many adventures and holidays, but what’s even better is coming home and sharing the stories  of what we did with everyone.

We are down sharing the games, fun and fellowship every Sunday, when we are in Nottingham. Come along it would be fantastic to see you.

God Bless You.

Curly & Wurly

The adopted mascots for Junior Church.

P.S. please keep an eye on these pages as they will be changing.