The Church Charity

Each year the church adopts a specific charity for which we raise money through concerts and special events as well as our regular monthly coffee mornings. In alternate years we collect for a UK charity (usually with local involvement) and then an overseas charity (normally one with which the church has some links).

Church Charity 2014 – Changing Lives with HOPE Nottingham and The Friary, West Bridgford
Church Charity 2014 logoHOPE Nottingham is based at the Boundary Road Community Centre in Beeston. It supports the local church to speak and live its mission, in unity, to see spiritual change in individuals and communities transformed.
The new project is ‘Housing the Homeless’ in co-operation with ‘HOPE into ACTION’. Investors from local churches have invested in a house to accommodate 2 homeless people. Hope into Action will manage and maintain the property acting as letting agent and landlord, also providing training and support. HOPE Nottingham will provide intense pastoral support through the ‘Hope for Life’ team. The financial support from Chilwell Road has contributed to the initial house set-up costs such as washing machine and freezer, and will support HOPE Nottingham’s professional input for pastoral care and employment training.
charity2014 005


Nigel Adams and Tony Richmond introduced HOPE Nottingham’s new project.


The Friary
is based at 46 Musters Road, West Bridgford. The stated objects of the Charity may be summarised as: the relief of poverty (in Rushcliffe and adjacent areas) caused through homelessness and unemployment through the provision of appropriate facilities; advancement of education through advice and counselling and information; provision of recreational activities in the interests of social welfare and improving the quality of life.
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Robin Lund of The Friary and Sue Fry of Ladies’ Circle




The total raised by September 22nd was £5775.33

Coffee £798.16
Coffee Mornings £838.56
Money Jars £126.36
ebay £1054.29
Concert Refreshments £106.22
Other £58.55
Events £1879.87
Donations £635.32
Wishing Well £30.00
Fine Dining £248.00

Church Charity 2013 – WaterAid

WaterAid transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. The charity works with partners and influences decision-makers to maximise its impact.

WaterAid is an international non-governmental organisation. WaterAid enables the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water and sanitation. Together with improved hygiene, these basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods, forming the first essential step in overcoming poverty.

WaterAid works with local partners, who understand local issues, and provides them with the skills and support to help communities set up and manage practical and sustainable projects that meet their real needs.

WaterAid also works locally and internationally to change policy and practice and ensure that water, hygiene and sanitation’s vital role in reducing poverty is recognised.

WaterAid    charity2014 002

Andy Taylor and Jackie Willems MBE introduced WaterAid. The Mayor of Broxtowe, Coun Iris White, presented the cheque to Jackie Willems and Tom Benn.
The total raised by December 31st was £15894.58

Coffee £1209.50
Events £4066.38
Fine Dining £1126.00
Donations £2086.85
ebay £1651.70
Coffee Mornings £1610.10
Money Jars £236.75
Wishing Well £218.00
Other £3689.30

Church Charity 2012 – Stonebridge City Farm

Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham. Free to visit and open every day, the farm has animals both big and small; gardens and polytunnels where fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown, and honey is produced; a nature walk where you can see a number of wild birds and butterflies ; and amenities such as the café shop and toilets.

The farm was set up in the late 1970s and has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.  Its ideals include providing a much-needed green space, sustainable buildings, distinctive local identity and people who care and respect the community.  The site is accessible to all – families with young children, people with disabilities, and parties from schools and colleges.  You can just come for a while, perhaps to feed and pet some of the animals, or there are courses and special events for bee-keepers and people interested in horticulture.

‘A huge thanks to everyone who saved coupons for  Cash for the Community run by Nottingham Post and The Nottingham (Building Society). The farm came top in the education section and won £1,628.89.’

The total raised was £8684.77

Coffee Mornings £1684.99
Concerts/Events £2671.73
Donations £654.11
ebay £1186.30
Easter Novelties £7.60
Coffee £1092.88
Wishing Well £448.10
Money Jars £279.00
Other £660.06

Church Charity 2011

Reap India (formerly Harvest India) is a Christian-based charity that works in the Andhra Pradesh region of India.

The Church is supporting two projects in the Tenali area of Andhra Pradesh: a daycare centre for Yanadhi children and a home for the elderly.

On Sunday 8th May we were pleased to welcome Sudheer Kumar to our morning service. Sudheer’s mother was the founder of Harvest India, now Reap India, and Sudheer now runs the charity along with his brother Suresh.   Sudheer showed pictures and told us about some of the work that the Reap India charity is involved with in the Andrha Pradesh area of South East India.   Sudheer is passionate about the work in India and is extremely grateful to Chilwell Road for supporting Reap India as the church charity.

Following Sudheer’s visit £2,000 has been sent to Reap India.  This will be used at the Tananuku home for the elderly to provide lunch: at the moment they only have enough funds to provide breakfast. Sudheer is also hoping to get materials together for the children to start to be educated at the daycare centre that we are supporting.

Jenny Taylor and Connie Pullan went out to India in August to work with the Reap India Charity for a fortnight.

The total raised was £11,744.44.

Ride & Stride for Reap India

On Saturday 10th September, as part of the “Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust” sponsored Ride & Stride event, Adrian Juffs and Andy Taylor had great fun visiting 23 different churches between Chilwell and Greasley, just north of Eastwood.

The ride took them a leisurely 7 hours, covered 38 miles and included the unexpected additional challenge of eating rather a lot of cakes and biscuits … well it would have been rude not to sample the home baking offered at each of the churches!

All money raised will be split 50:50 between the Church Charity (Reap India) and the work of the Historic Churches Trust.

Ride & Stride is an annual event and Adrian and Andy will be delighted to hear from anyone who might be interested in joining a similar ride next year.  There are lots of churches to choose to visit so the cycle routes can be as long or short and as flat or as lumpy as you wish!


In 2010 the Women’s Friendship Group for Asylum-seekers and Refugees was chosen as the UK charity. It provides a day-centre with crèche facilities at the Vine Centre in Hyson Green, Nottingham for women who have very little other support.  One of our members, Helena Bandoo, runs the Group, and several others are directly involved.  It operates under the financial umbrella of Nottingham Refugee Action.

In 2009 the (overseas) church charity was Casa Alianza which works with Street Children and Homeless Young People in Central America.