Charitable giving

Besides the Church Charity, there are three other ways in which the church gives to charity.

First, we give away 10% of our ordinary income (church offertory together with its Gift Aid tax refund). See below for what happened in the last completed church financial year (2011-12).

Second, we make a collection for the Methodist Relief & Development Fund whenever there is an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee. Recently we sent money for relief efforts to counter the effects of the famine in Somalia.

Third, the church organises annual house-to-house collections for Christian Aid and Action for Children (previously NCH) and we normally donate our Christmas Day offertory to Action for Children. The Beeston Benevolent Society’s Carol Choir also collects money at Christmas for local beneficiaries.

Donations from church income (2013-14)

Each year the church donates 10% of its ordinary income (including the tax relief on gift-aided offertories) to Methodist funds, to local and overseas Methodist groups, and to non-Methodist charities and groups suggested by the congregation.

Many individuals and church groups make their own donations to their favourite charities, so the bulk of our money goes to mainstream Methodist funds.

Methodist Church Fund for World Mission
including Easter Offering
Mission in Britain £1,750
All We Can (MRDF) £750
Methodist Church Fund for Property £500
NCH Action for Children £400
Queenswood Amenity Fund £150
Fund for support of Presbyters and Deacons £150
LWPT £100
Broxtowe Women’s Project £200
Gitare School, Kenya £150
The Samaritans £150
Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade Camping £150
Beeston Dementia Friends £100
Embrace the Middle East £150
Agape Link (Solomon Islands-UK) £150
UNHCR £100
HOPE Nottingham £200
Alzheimer’s Society £100
RNLI £150
TOTAL £8,750