Church in the public square

Social action and witness:

We are a FAIRTRADE church.  Fairtrade is a simple way we can make a difference through our everyday choices.  The fair-trade mark guarantees that a fair price is paid to producers, with an additional premium for them to invest in projects in their communities. Fairtrade is a great way to help the world’s poorest people get out of poverty and have more control over their lives.

As a fair-trade church we have committed ourselves to

  • Serving fair-trade tea and coffee after services and meetings
  • Using other fair-trade products where possible
  • Promoting fair-trade through events, worship, supporting fair-trade fortnight and our traidcraft stall, which is open on the second Sunday each month after morning service.

Every Sunday we light the Amnesty Candle to show solidarity with prisoners of conscience everywhere.  A member of our church is the chair of the local Amnesty Group.


The Temperance tradition.  The Methodist church does not permit the use of alcohol on the premises.  Nor is smoking allowed.



Political activity:

Several members belong to political parties and one of the three who stood in local wards in the  Borough election  of 2011 was elected as a Broxtowe Councillor for the ward in which the church stands in Beeston.

We have three previous mayors in our congregation.


Community activity:

One of our special concerns is for homeless people in Beeston, and we actively support Framework and the Hope Cafe.

The Beeston Benevolent Society is based in our church.

Community amenities:

Our members are involved with local organisations like these:

Beeston and District Civic Society

Beeston & Chilwell Garden Trail

Uniformed organisations

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