Copyright-Anne-LyburnOur church stands in the centre of Beeston in the Borough of Broxtowe, alongside the parish church.  Most of our church family live in Beeston and the neighbouring towns, and enjoy being part of our community.  The church itself wishes to play its part in the community life of Beeston.


The church is available for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

We use our premises to stage public concerts and events, and we open them for use by community groups.

We take part in a wide variety of community events, activities and social action in Beeston. The oldest of these is the Beeston Benevolent Society with its Carol Choir which has been based on our church for 150 years.  A recent development has been the Street Angels scheme run by Hope Nottingham.

We give money in various ways to local, national and overseas charities, both Methodist and non-Methodist.  In particular we support a Church Charity each year with special fund-raising efforts.