Church Family Worker

Sarah ButcherSarah Butcher started work as Chilwell Road Methodist Church’s new Church Family Worker in February 2012 and with her husband, Neil, also joined the church for worship.

Sarah can usually be found around church on Sunday mornings and Monday until Thursday from 9am until 2pm, but this does vary. She can be contacted through the Church Office on 0115 9431164 or emailed on

As Church Family Worker, Sarah does a number of varied things around church. Her role is mainly about doing things to help young people link up to church and the label of “young people” encompasses anyone under the age of about 40! Tasks Sarah does, or has done, include (but are not limited to) running Play Church, helping with the Toddler Group, helping with Messy Church at Wollaton Road Methodist, running the annual Holiday Club, keeping up with existing activities around the church for people of those ages, keeping up with what is generally happening around church, organising prayer activities/events, helping with acts of all-age worship, liaising and organising events with the cradle roll secretary and being someone that is sufficiently technically minded to resolve most AV and ICT issues that arise.

Originally from Luton, Sarah moved to Nottingham to study Biology at the University of Nottingham in 2002. When she completed her degree, she remained in Nottingham and trained to be a secondary school science teacher. Between completing her training and becoming the Church Family Worker, Sarah spent time working as a science teacher and a supply teacher.

Sarah describes her coming to faith as a gradual process. She didn’t attend church as a child, but being a member of the Girls’ Brigade and attending church schools built the basis of her faith. Coming to university played a major role in her faith as it allowed her to make the decision to attend church. After sampling some of the church in the area she selected St. Mary’s in Wollaton Park. Between attending St. Mary’s and Christian Union meetings, Sarah’s understanding on what being a Christian meant developed, and she went from not just knowing about what happened to Jesus, but why his life, death and resurrection are so important. Since then, Sarah has enjoyed watching her faith grow and develop. Sarah participated in various aspects of St. Mary’s, particularly teaching in the Sunday School, leading in parts of all-age worship and events orientated towards children and playing in the music group. Leaving St. Mary’s to come to Chilwell Road wasn’t easy, but they felt it was what God was calling them to do. They still go back there sometimes!

In her spare time, Sarah likes reading, baking, listening to and playing music and walking. She also is one of the website editors and is a member of the Girls’ Brigade, helping with the older age groups. Sarah and Neil live in Beeston with their 2 cats, Bea and Mavis.