Support Christian Aid this November!

christianaidSupport Christian Aid and 8 other charities by making or updating your Will during Will Aid month this November.


For many of us, we faithfully support the work of our churches and our chosen charities during our lifetime, regularly giving a proportion of our income.  The Bible teaches that giving back to God like this should be a priority for all Christians, as we share in God’s generosity to each one of us by sharing generously with others.  But this isn’t just about weekly collections or our monthly standing order; it is also about how we distribute our wealth and our possessions after we have gone.

As Christians, we try to live our lives in a way that follows Jesus and we also try to influence the world for better as we see it.  When we die, the resources that we have gathered in life don’t go with us, but are passed on to others.

Considering a legacy gift for the work of the Church and other charities like Christian Aid is a natural extension of this stewardship.  In fact for many of us, gifts in our wills may be the most significant charitable gift of our lifetime, after we have made plans for our family and friends.  Bequests and other planned gifts, which enable churches to expand their ministry and help Christian Aid in its work to end poverty and injustice around the world really are the ultimate demonstration of our stewardship commitment.  It is our opportunity to respond fully to the generous love of God in a way that brings lasting benefit and change.

Will Aid is happening again this November.  If you don’t have a will, or need to update your existing will, Will Aid presents an ideal opportunity for you to put your affairs in order whilst helping to raise money for the nine Will Aid charities.  Appointments can get booked up quickly, so we advise you to contact your nearest Will Aid solicitor as early as possible to book an appointment.

The nearest participating solicitors are Curtis Parkinson, Southchurch Drive, Clifton (964 7763) or DBS Law, The Ropewalk, Nottingham (947 0641) or Sillis& Betteridge LLP, King St., Nottingham (941 1469).

For more information about Will Aid, or to find more information about participating solicitors in this area, please visit or visit or ring 0207 523 2177 and Christian Aid can help arrange a convenient appointment for you. 

Personal views are not necessarily held by the church. This was posted by Sarah Butcher

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