A big step forward for the Beeston and Chilwell Methodists!

In case you don’t know, many of the Methodist Churches in Beeston and Chilwell (Queens Road, Wollaton Road, Clarkes Lane and Chilwell Road) have been working towards uniting as one church. We have been holding joint services about once a month, groups have met to discuss ideas for how to bring us closer together and what sort of building we might be in and we have been involved in joint projects, for instance Messy Church and an Alpha course.

During May, the churches took a big step forward: all four churches agreed to become 1 church from the 1st September. While we will still worship in our separate buildings (for now!), we will be considered one church with one church council.

So now is a busy but exciting time in our churches as we try to put together a new church council over the summer.

Over the past 2 Sundays, two different letters to members have been distributed. If you’re a member, definitely read them. If not, you may like to for information:

First Newsletter of the Beeston Methodist Church

Meetings to form new Church Council of Beeston Methodist Church

Personal views are not necessarily held by the church. This was posted by Sarah Butcher

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