Highlights from the Church Workshops on 7th November 2013

The 2nd Church Workshops were held on 7th November. Here is what was discussed:

Church charity 2014:  After some discussion it was agreed that the church charity will be jointly Hope and the Friary, both of which do similar work in different locations around Nottingham.  Ivor Moon, Ladies Circle and Anne Wragg will take this forward. Please get in touch with them to get involved.

Church Christmas cards of invitation:  We agreed that it would be good to have information about Christmas services for people outside our usual congregation, to be available to groups coming on to church premises and possibly distributed to local houses.  This should be across the Beeston Methodist churches and possibly Ecumenical.  A group led by Joyce Brown will be looking further at this.  Please get in touch with Joyce if you would be interested in helping with this project.

Bereavement group:  There is an opportunity for a group of people to become involved in visiting the family of those who have had a funeral at our church.  This should be a Beeston Methodist Churches initiative.  Training and support for those undertaking the work would be important.  Colin Barrett will speak to Anthony Oakley about the possibility about setting up such a group.

Mission to baptismal families:  It was decided to explore the possibility of inviting members of the church to become church Godparents, each keeping in touch as appropriate with a single baptismal family for as long as appropriate.  This could be through birthday cards and invitations to church events, for example last year a baptismal family Christmas party was held and it is intended to repeat it this year.  Ann Duffin will speak to Alison Rowe to explore this suggestion further. Further information will follow.

Church welcome booklet / pack:  The welcome booklet produced by the Forward group has become very out of date, and can no longer be used.  It was agreed that we should have a well produced booklet which is available for both newcomers to the church and users of the church premises. This should be printed in the church office so that it can be updated as appropriate. Neville Bostock will convene a group to organise this.

Event for 18-25(ish) year olds:  It was agreed that it is important to find out what we could provide for this age group from people of the age group themselves.  It is therefore intended to arrange an event and ask those associated with the church who are in this age group if they would be willing to come along and discuss this for the benefit of the church. Colin Barrett, Chris Prickard and Ray Heasley will take this forward.

Decorating the church for Christmas:  The advent liturgy this year is based on travelling to Bethlehem; the congregation will be invited to bring parts of their nativity sets each week (eg week one – angels).  It was agreed that it would be a good idea to decorate the 4 main windows downstairs with a backdrop ready to receive these items each week (one window for angels etc), which would then remain and build up to Christmas.  It was also suggested that the church groups could be invited to each decorate a Christmas tree to go in the windows in the two transepts of the church. Please speak to Diane Bown to offer help.

Invite a person for Sunday lunch:  We were reminded that this initiative will be launched with a Sunday lunch at church on 24th November, but that people (both those offering to invite people for lunch and those who would enjoy going to someone’s house for lunch) are very welcome to join in at a later date even if they were not able to get to this initial lunch.  Please speak to Dianne Blakeley for more details.

For more information on any of these, please get in touch with the people mentioned directly, through the pigeon holes, or email via the church office at   admin@chilwellroadmethodist.org.uk

Personal views are not necessarily held by the church. This was posted by Sarah Butcher

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