Which don’t belong?

As the family worker, I usually join the toddler group when it meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (from 9:30am, contact the office on 943 1164 for more details). A couple of weeks ago, the biologist in me took over and I was intrigued by the selection of “dinosaurs” that came out of the dinosaur toy box in the toy cupboard.

Do all of these belong here?

Do all of these belong here? And yes, I was sufficiently intrigued to get my mobile out to take a photo and then share it on the church blog!

I had good fun that day playing with the dinosaurs and reading the dinosaur books with the children (should perhaps read “other children”!) It mixes my love of science and playing. What more could I want?

That’s the thing when you employ someone to do work with children – they can get as excited about the toys as the little ones do.

Personal views are not necessarily held by the church. This was posted by Sarah Butcher

2 Responses to Which don’t belong?

  1. Sarah Butcher says:

    Well, thank you for your comment. Biology is definitely a science, so I think biologists can be called “proper” scientists.
    We could get into a long discussion about which is easier. I think different strands can suit different people better. Perhaps you find chemistry and physics particularly hard? Certainly, all 3 are important.
    If you were attempting to say I am not a proper scientist, I would agree with you on the basis that I don’t work as a scientist. However, anyone with a passion for science and/or a curious nature can be a scientist, although perhaps not a proper one.

  2. goat says:

    I am sorry but a biologist is not really a ‘proper’scientist-its far too easy a subject whereas physics/chemistry and related degrees are far more intensive!

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