Books, books, BOOKS!!

Once upon a time, I had a coffee table. As Neil can tell you, our coffee table is sort of hard to see right now. Upon it there is a big pile of books. This is my children’s/youth work/Christian book “to read” pile.

It all started a few weeks ago when I bought a new book to read (“Making Disciples in Messy Church”). I went to pick it up to read it, and then it occurred to me that I had already started 2 books and had one from Beeston library that needed to be returned soon, not to mention other books I had bought in the past (some of which had already been partly read). So it got me thinking generally about learning and knowing things (especially to do with faith and children/youth work) and what priority I put upon reading non-fiction books.

So hence the pile. I keep seeing it, being reminded that I need to read more and encouraged to read to get through these books (and partly it’s there because I’m running out of bookshelf space). I have a mixture, some on various aspects of children and youth work in churches and others about various aspects of Christianity. There is also the latest edition of the Youthwork magazine and in addition to all of this, I have started reading a few Christian blogs. I’m learning more about different views, different ideas, new ways about going about doing things and being inspired by others’ accounts. It’s not like I didn’t read before, but having the stuff in front of me reminds me to make it a regular part of my life, rather than something I do when I remember and have time.

What Christian books have you read that you have learned a lot from, found inspirational or just enjoyed? (because I apparently need more books on my pile!) Also, don’t forget Chilwell Road has a Church Library that anyone can borrow books from, and there’s some good ones on there! Some of mine, once finished, will end up there, and there’s some on there I want to read. But I think I’ll try and clear my pile first! (if possible: so far I’m on my third book of the pile and since started I’ve added 2 more and a magazine!).

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