A Hive of Christmas Activity

It’s a great morning to come and sit in church. Doing some last minute preparation ahead of this afternoon’s Messy Church I came down to collect some bits and see what was happening. In church, a group of people are making Christmas Flower arrangements. The church is filled with the sounds of “The Snowman” Walking in the Air, a practice ahead of this afternoon’s concert.

Elsewhere around church, Christmas dinner is being cooked in the kitchen, where the cooks are diligently preparing Christmas dinner. The hall is being set up to serve Christmas Dinner and each time I look around the church is looking a little more Christmassy!

In addition to this, the Kumon people coming and going to their groups, occasionally peering in to see what we’re up to.

Here’s a couple of the displays members of Junior Church have been making:

Keira’s Arrangement

Rebecca’s Arrangement

Christmas is most definitely coming!

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